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Disruption is increasingly the new norm in the global marketplaces inhabited by organizations/goods/services. The dynamic field of interactive communication is the leading channel of change, tools and tactics to compete, whether your organization is for-profit or non-profit. More on this can be found simply by going to your favorite search engine and entering “technology disruption” or “technology disruption effects.”

Your charge in this set of Journal Assignments is to research, understand, analyze, and apply these new net/web ideas to an existing organization, product or service of your choice.

You will write four journal assignments, proceeding in this way:

1. Choose a topic. It will be an organization and/or good/service that you think best displays (or has displayed) the disruption to the current status quo that results from technology. Somewhere along the way, in the area that you choose, technology has been used to either craft an approach/product and/or communicate to a market…or both! Some obvious examples:

a. The introduction of the iPhone

b. The use of social media and mobile by President Donald Trump’s successful campaign

c. Thomas Road Church and the use of new video techniques both online and in the church

d. A church’s use of podcasts to expand its reach in its region

e. Any Nike or Coke campaign, most of which use multimedia approaches involving digital communication technologies

f. And many, many more!

2. Through each Journal Assignment, walk your topic through a complete analysis of how and why this particular use of technology succeeded in disrupting the market. Each Journal Assignment is a critical area to consider when evaluating the use of technology in disrupting (read: increasing market share) a market:

a. Journal Assignment #1: Audience (viewer/consumer/end-user) demographics

i. So tell us: what product, consumer marketing category, organization (for-profit or non-profit), or service is ripe for disruption by technology? Where do you think a technology adaptation, adoption, and/or breakthrough will turn existing relationships, consumer behaviors, and/or attitudes upside down? And why.

Type Of Service: Academic paper writing
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Subject: Communication & media
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Number of sources: 6
Academic Level: Graduate
Paper format: APA
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