Part A  – MS Word (worth 70%)

A minimum of 1000 words – maximum 1500 words (excluding references) are required for this report.

Write a minimum of 1000 words – maximum 1500 words (excluding references) on the following topic: Discuss the impact of AI and automation on the job market in the next 20 years. You work should include: definitions of AI and automation ,include an introduction, a discussion of the types of jobs that are most likely to be affected by AI/automation and finally a conclusion.  Your report should include  some statistical data in the form of at least 1 chart or graph to support your writing. 

  • Describing AI and automation.  10 marks
  •  Identify which types of jobs are threatened by AI and automation.  10 marks
  • Use the citations tool in MS Word to include at least 3 citations (references) in your work 10 Marks
  1. Create a table or graph (not downloaded from internet) showing statistical or numerical data relevant to your discussion (e.g. growth, sales, users).  10 Marks
  1. Include at least 2 images and add captions (labels) to them using the Insert Caption function. 4 Marks (1 mark per image and 1 mark per caption)
  1. Automatically generate a table of figures using the table of figures tool in MS Word.  6 Marks
  1. Use heading styles where appropriate for titles and subtitles. 5 marks
  • Use the Table of Contents tool in MS Word to automatically generate a table of contents.  5 marks
  • The style of the document should include the following:
  • A header on every page of the document stating your name (centred)
  • A footer on every page of the document stating the page number (centred)
  • Page setup – left 2.0cm, right 2.0, top 2.0, bottom 1.9
  • Font – heading Verdana 14, body Courier New 11
  • Line spacing 1.5 5 Marks (1 mark for each step above)
  • Generate a bibliography using the tool built into MS Word. 5 Marks

Part B  – MS Excel (30%)

Using data related to your report, produce the following graphs/charts:

  1. A table of data, with:

a filtered list – 3 marks

A formula to sum up the columns – 2 marks

A formula to calculate averages of the columns – 2 marks

  • Column chart with appropriate title (2 marks), appropriate axis labels (2 marks) and legend (2 marks).
  • Line chart, with error bars  (3 marks) – appropriate title (2 marks) , appropriate axis titles (2 marks), data labels (2 marks)  and legend (2 marks)
  • Pie chart  with appropriate title (2 marks), data labels (2 marks) and legend (2 marks).

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Report
Subject: IT & Technology
Pages/words: 4/1000
Number of sources: 4
Academic level: GCSE/ A Level
Paper format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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