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In this assessment task, you will implement the strategic plan you developed in assessment task one. You need to submit a professionally formatted portfolio with links to the digital resources you built. The portfolio must include:

URL links, screenshots and other points of evidence of your implementations.
Short reflections on how your implementations performed in accordance with your plan (assessment task one).
Evidence of feedback/comments from your SME/mentor on your implementations.
A visualisation of your implementations in the form of a video and/or Pecha Kucha (PK presentation.
If you work alone, reflections should be 500 words (for two implementations), 1000 for pairs (three implementations), and 1500 for groups of three (four implementations).

This assessment also requires you to deliver a Pecha Kucha (PK) presentation and/or create a short video based on one of your implementations. In your video/PK, you need to demonstrate how your implementation created value for your customers. That is, not value for the business (profit or revenue) but value for customers (or potential client/employer).

If you work alone or as a pair, you can choose video or PK, while groups of three must submit both (covering different implementations in each). The video/PK is not a separate assignment. Rather, it is the visualisation of one of the implementations you executed during the semester.

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