Answer any THREE questions.

The maximum word limit for each question is 1,500 words (+10%). There is no

minimum word limit. The word limit includes in-text referencing, headings, subheadings and words in tables and figures.

There is no need to supply a reference list at the end of each answer. You cannot

use appendices.


Critically discuss how an understanding of the role of source strength within Social Impact Theory (SIT) (Latane 1981) can be used to design engaging digital content.

(100 marks)

(100 marks)

Question 2

Critically discuss the statement that online brand communities do not create brand

value. In your answer, draw on the article by Schau et al (2009) as set in the course

reading list.

(100 marks)

Question 3

Critically evaluate the extent to which “relative advantage” is important in

understanding digital technology adoption according to Diffusion of Innovation Theory

(DoI) (Rogers, 1962).

(100 marks)

Question 4

Critically assess the appropriateness Monster Theory (MT) (Smits, 2006) in explaining

social media discontinuance behaviour.

(100 marks)

Question 5

Critically evaluate the importance of transaction quality as an influence upon online


(100 marks)

Question 6

Critically assess the pros and cons of using a “pay-per-click” (PPC) approach in search

engine marketing (SEM) for a well-known brand.

(100 marks)

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