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Task: Write a Strategy Consulting Proposal of 8000 words to Shell Petroleum
which integrates theory and practice. The assignment must include a clear structure
with a 500-word executive summary, a bibliography and, where appropriate,
appendices and diagrams. You must make appropriate use of academic journals,
articles and texts. The idea is to build trust and confidence in your client so that they
would be willing to take you up on the proposal.
The client must see that you have a full understanding of their business inside out,
their problems and that you are capable of generating strategy ideas and solutions
for them. Make use of charts, graphs and diagrams where necessary.
The assignment should contain:

  1. A critical review of the current strategic position of Shell Petroleum,
    reflecting on past and current antecedent activities and providing an
    analysis of emergent strategies and/or strategic perspectives. In essence,
    this means a thorough analysis (all using hard data and facts) of:
    a. the organisation: (history/evolution, vision, mission, current
    strategies/plan/ploy, position in the industry value chain, brand
    reputation among customers, company structure, products/services
    (use Growth-Share or BCG Matrix) and value proposition offered to
    customers, customer segments served, main competitors, competitive
    position (Evaluate using Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies- cost,
    differentiation, broad/narrow focus, blue ocean etc), % of market held.
    Also evaluate organizational culture as well as overall performance
    (profitability, achievements etc). This is a long but incomplete list of
    concepts and tools to consider. Please use other tools and
    concepts as well!
    b. the industry the organisation operates in: (Industry boundaries,
    PESTLE, Key Players, Competitive Analysis (Porter’s 5 Forces), Key
    Success Factors needed to be successful in the industry, Industry
    status (i.e. is it growing, stable, in decline, evolving, profitable etc).
    c. the position of the organisation in that industry: Use tools like the
    Generic Performance Matrix. Is it achieving its vision/mission? To what
    extent? Is it creating value? How does the organization compare with
    its competitors?
    You may also deploy frameworks such as Cynefin Framework, Black Swan
    Theory, Stacy Matric Framework, McKinsey’s 7 S’s Frameworks etc to evaluate
    the organization and formulate appropriate response plans.
    End this section with a justification of why the organisation needs to change
  2. A critical analysis (using a method, or methods, of your choice) of the
    organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and the
    determination of possible strategic options for the future direction of the
    organisation. You may utilise tools like SWOT matrix or TOWS framework,
    Reeves et al’s approaches to strategy, Miles and Snow’s Aggressiveness,
    Scenario Planning, Kim and Mauborgne’s Blue Ocean, Ghemawat’s AAA
    Framework etc . You should use at least 3. In selecting which ones to use,
    please apply the SAF (Suitability, Acceptability, Feasibility) Framework and de
    Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats to make an assessment of the options of tools and
    concepts available to make the review more systematic and objective.
    You should justify any recommendation for strategic posture(s).
    Key things to consider include:
    a. The rise of the “Green” Consumer/ ethical consumption and how it’s
    likely to affect the industry and the organization
    b. The environment, sustainability, Climate change and climate change
    c. The growth of viable alternatives e.g. solar and electric vehicles
    d. OPEC policies, including its curtailment philosophy
    e. The Paris Agreement in response of Oil and Gas and Climate Change
    f. The United State of America’s recent election of democrats and the
    aggressive climate position it has taken so far
    g. Oil spills and judgments in favour of communities in places like Nigeria
    and its impact on sustainability and the environment
    h. Other factors based on tangible research and data
    How would these and many more impact Shell in the short, medium and long
  3. A proposal outlining your recommendations and a general approach to further
    develop a future strategy. In the light of the foregoing, what should Shell be
    doing and why? How should it go about it?
    a. Which problems should Shell priorities to address first and why?
    b. What uncertainties were identified in the proposal and need to be
    c. What further information needs to be collected to make the analysis in
    the proposal of the current situation, the SWOT and identification of
    options accurate and complete?
    d. What process of strategy development should be followed (who, how,
    what, when and where?)
    e. What type of consulting relationship can you offer the client?
  4. A critical reflection and literature review of ALL the concepts and tools used in
    the proposal. In this chapter critically review the concepts and tools available
    and the concepts and tools used. What are they? What are their strengths
    and limitations? How have they evolved? This is an academic portion of the

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