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Las Vegas has high rates of depression, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, gambling abuse and mental illness among the elderly population.
Pretend you are a home care nurse in the Las Vegas area. One of your elderly female patients has been suffering from a couple of chronic diseases, her funds are getting low, and she has lost one of her children, her dog, and her best friend all within the past year. Please follow the directions below.

  1. How might you go about using your nursing skills to ask therapeutic questions to find out what is wrong and help her fight isolation, depression, addictions and suicide ideations? What types of therapeutic questions might you ask and why?
  2. What ideas or interventions might you have to help her not become lonely, depressed, revert to an addiction such as alcohol, drugs, overeating, or gambling, stop eating or try to commit suicide?
  3. Look at some support group sites, or help sites and share ideas of what you found with your classmates.

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