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Students are requested to choose two manufacturing or service firms of their own interest among those listed in below list of European Companies (Mida Companies 2020) research available data on the firms and submit a case report, based also – if applicable – on the analysis of relevant background material, that will address the specific issues described below.
More specifically, the report will be structured into four major parts:

  1. Provide a literature review based on peer reviewed works of the following concepts: innovation, AI, Data mining and big data. Use an academic database like academia.edu or others of the like (10% of grade)
  2. In the first part, related to the first selected firm, you will identify/imagine a situation in which the firm could have adopted a Break-Even Point approach in estimating the feasibility of a given initiative or project, describing the relevant variables and their related values that could have been considered in supporting the analysis and the related decision, and summarising your description with an appropriate Excel graph. (20% of Grade)
  3. In the second part, related to the second selected firm, you will identify/imagine a situation in which the firm could have adopted a Multi Criteria Decision Making approach, describing the relevant alternatives, the criteria presumably adopted in reaching a decision, and the numerical performance of the alternatives, and summarising your description with appropriate and detailed Excel tables. (20% of Grade)
  4. In the third part, you will finally develop a short plan for the subsequent period of the business simulation, based on your predictions. You should include how you will collect data for further analysis of the situation using, A.I., data mining or any other form of big data. (30% of Grade)
  5. You will need to make sure, before starting the assignment and in agreement with the instructor, that the chosen two firms under points 1 and 2 above are different from those chosen by your colleagues.
  6. You will present your findings in a presentation of no more than 10 minutes (20% of Grade)
    According to the MIDA List Companies Europe 2020 by Forbes as the companies that “the top companies that drove the portfolios of this year’s top European venture capitalists”.TrueBridge Capital partners (2020) Dec. 15th 2020

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