Aim: This coursework is designed to give you experience of using ethical theories and research in an applied
business context
Assignment description: An investigation of decision-making influences and ethical issues in business, with
reference to ONE film:
The Wolf of Wall Street (2014), OR The Social Network (2010), OR The Post (2018), OR Shattered Glass (2004).
Assessment Method: Individual written coursework
Assessment Weighting: This coursework counts for 100% of the assessment in this module.
Learning outcomes: The completed coursework should demonstrate your ability to:
• Write clear, coherent, and well-structured arguments concerning influences on ethical decision-making that is well
supported by the relevant literature
• Apply relevant ethical theories to identify and analyse ethical issues in business
• Reflect on personal learning and management implications (links between theory and practice) arising from the filmbased analysis
UG Coursework Assessment Criteria
In writing your coursework, you should be aware that you will be assessed by reference to the extent to which your
answer meets the following criteria:
Assessment Criteria To achieve good marks…
Evidence of learning outcomes (20%) Task is fully addressed with learning outcomes met to a high standard
Argument, understanding and analysis
Clear, logical argument showing accurate understanding and critical awareness
of theories, concepts and relevant literature
Relevant ethical decision-making influences are identified using the literature
Relevant ethical theories are applied to identify and analyse ethical issues
Appropriate assessment of personal and management implications arising from
Sources and evidence (20%) Arguments and analysis well supported by breadth and depth of ethical
decision-making literature, especially journal articles; philosophers cited when
using ethical theories
Written communication (10%) Appropriate structure, correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and paragraphing
Academic referencing (5%) Correct citation of sources throughout the report (including page numbers after
quotations). Consistent, error-free, Harvard referencing at end of the report
Presentation (5%) Clear and logical layout and formatting giving professional appearance to report
You should also familiarise yourself with the “Senate Scales Undergraduate – Coursework.” These scales provide general
guidance on the academic standards required for the award of marks for this coursework.
Submission deadline: see e-vision
Submission method: Blackboard
Word limit: 3500 words maximum. Do not automatically add 10% to this total – BE CONCISE!!!
NBS-5906B Business Ethics (2020-21) Coursework Guidance Notes

  1. The Films
    It is your responsibility to acquire and watch your chosen film in your own time. The films can be
    downloaded / streamed or purchased easily and inexpensively from a variety of on-line outlets, e.g. Amazon
    Prime Video,, Netflix, Virgin Media (NOTE: no single app has every film, so you may need to
    select based on availability, or buy dvd/blu-ray if you prefer).
    You will need to watch your film more than once – plan your time accordingly. Make detailed notes as you
    watch the film. It can be useful to discuss and check your understanding with a friend on the module. NOTE:
    This is NOT a group project – all submitted work must be based on your own individual efforts and ideas and
    use your own words.
  2. Format and Structure
    The assignment should be presented in a written report format. This means that you should use numbered
    headings and sub-headings as appropriate to provide a clear structure to your work. Also include separate
    title page, contents page, and references page. Times New Roman 12pt, 1.5 line spacing. NO APPENDICES.
    This assignment should contain the following sections:
  3. Title page
  4. Contents page
  5. Introduction
  6. Decision-making Analysis
  7. Ethical Issues Analysis
  8. Management Recommendations – based on your analysis and best practice
  9. Conclusion – including personal reflection on your learning
  10. References
    Introduction – This should briefly set the scene, including introducing the topic of the report, why it’s
    important, and how the report is organised.
    Analysis of influences on decision-making – What factors (e.g. individual and situational / contextual) may
    have affected the decision-making (and hence behaviour) of the following characters in your chosen film:
    • Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street)
    • Mark Zuckerberg (The Social Network)
    • Kay Graham (The Post)
    • Stephen Glass (Shattered Glass)
    Give relevant examples from the film. To answer this section, you will need to find and cite research on the
    factors affecting ethical decision-making & behaviour (as discussed in Lecture 2). Use journal articles to
    support your arguments (see e.g. Journal of Business Ethics), not personal opinion. Failure to include
    relevant journal sources will reduce your mark.
    Analysis of ethical issues – Using ethical theories, identify what

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Type Of assignment: Coursework
Subject: Business
Pages/words: 13/3300
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Academic Level: Undergraduate
Paper Format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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