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What is required is a literature review of about 2000 words, taking into consideration, the aims, objectives and background of the proposed research. I have detailed what the review should addresses below.

Evaluation of Cyber Security Defences for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMEs) in the Digital Economy.

The study main aim is to evaluate cybersecurity challenges facing Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) toward present technological trends as a result of increased digitization.

It is acknowledged that SMEs are the most valuable part of the global economy (Maciejewski and Wach, 2019). United Kingdom (UK), where this research takes place, SMEs made up of 99.3% of total businesses and account for 99.9% of the business population with a total turnover of £2.3 trillion (52%), (Federation of Small Business report, UK, 2020).
Many of the UK’s economy is digitalized and Cyber-attacks have continuously become critical threats to the digital economy. Presently, more sophisticated attack techniques are being employed, and to effectively mitigate and control the attacks, businesses must adopt more advanced, innovative, efficient, and smart security controls (Spremić and Šimunic 2018); (López et al. 2020). In the past decade’s most threats and cyber-attacks have targeted large organisations for better rewards causing over 4 billion of stolen personal data, and company’s secrets, (Holmes, A., 2019). According to a research by (Mijnhardt et al., 2016) large organisations have reacted by implementing security standards such as ISO 27000 series of standards, COBIT and NIST. However, these framework are expensive and difficult to implement by SMEs. (Towergate Insurance, 2020), in their recent study argued that SMEs has become the main target for cyber-attacks accounting for 43% of all known attacks costing £4.5 billion in 2020.


RO 1. To critically evaluate the understanding of the effectiveness of current research in cyber security framework used by SMEs in the digital economy.
RO 2. To investigate measures put in place by SMEs to proactively take actions to mitigate cyber threats as a result of doing business in the digital economy.
RO 3. To investigate the practical steps SMEs in the digital economy are adopting to improve their security networks and the infrastructure carried on them.
RO 4. To propose cybersecurity preventive measures and Information Security analysis. To identify gaps and make suggestions for an improvement of framework

Literature Review Requirement: (What needs to be addressed?)
Literature Review: The literature review chapters should each concentrate on one particular aspect of the background. It is a review, not a survey, which means that it should not be a collection of all previous literature in the field, but instead should be a careful selection of relevant papers. For each paper selected, you should discuss its relevance to your project, discuss the work done, the results found and the strength of those findings. There should be some degree of critical evaluation: some research is stronger than others, and just because some research has been published does not mean that it will be convincing or definitive. The hypothesis or research question and research aim should be the natural conclusion of the literature review. In other words it should follow clearly and logically from your review why your chosen question is worth asking (and answering). For example because it fills a hole in existing research, or corroborates previous work, or tries a variant of previous research

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