4 – Guidance on Business constraints
Your job throughout this year long project has been to devise a business offering that
meets the following profit goals and constraints, and then construct an action research process to
demonstrate its viability.
Profit goals
• You need to pay back twice the cash investment within two years of opening
o So if you borrow £200k, you need to repay that plus another £200k
• Monthly profit levels need to be at 5% of the initial investment per month by end of year 2
o So if you borrow £200k, you need to be generating profits of at least £10k per month by the
end of 2 years
• Maximum 3 month setup time for the business
• Max £1 Million investment available
• No other credit available
• Not a “typical Regent’s student” value proposition
• This can be a “stand-alone” business, or the extension of an existing business into a new area – but
in either case it should be a “Blue Ocean” opportunity
This was originally intended to be a “stand-alone” business, where all the costs and revenues belonged to
your proposed offering. But following questions from previous cohorts, I confirmed that it was possible to
interpret the above constraints as applying to an extension to an existing business that was contemplating
doing something beyond its core business and extending into a Blue ocean area
So the pre-existing business would presumably have offices, staff, a web-site etc. and all you would need
to account for in the new offering would be the incremental/extra costs and revenues associated with the
new Brexit related business.
This does NOT mean that ALL the costs can be lumped in the old business and all the revenues in the new
Blue Ocean one. But it does mean that you have some more flexibility in the offerings that can be
considered, in that you don’t necessarily have to have all the costs sitting in a “stand-alone” new Blue
Ocean business.
Most of you appear to have gone the “stand-alone” route, which is fine. But this interpretation allowed some
more flexibility to those that wanted it.
What if you can’t meet the goals and constraints?
Your job has been to construct a research project to assess the viability of your proposed offering.
If following your research you have proved that it won’t work in its envisaged form (for instance because
your customers won’t pay what you need to make the business viable) then that is a valid research
And this gives you scope to make some recommendations for the business itself (as to what might make it
viable) as well as recommendations for further research (as to what facets might usefully be explored on
the way to viability, and how these might be researched)
To be clear – I am expecting most of you will have working, viable business offerings which you have
demonstrated with your research. But if in a few cases your research proves that it won’t work as you
envisaged, it is not a “show-stopper”.
Remember – the business concept itself is NOT the main focus of your assessments throughout this
module. The main focus is for you to explore the research aspects to creating the business concept.

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