In this task (task 3) ONE will submit your complete curriculum document, and exegesis. This will include your Aim & rationale from task 2 (revised if you like). The students will determine the form used, though it is expected to relate to forms discussed in the unit. The submission will include:
• The aim of the proposed curriculum (50 words)
• The rationale for the proposed curriculum (max 1 typed A4 page)
• The material to be covered, organised in the appropriate sequence, subject to the form chosen (Max 8 pages)
• The Assessment for the curriculum, subject to the form chosen. (Max 3 pages)
• Other elements as determined by the student and related to the form chosen (max 4 pages).
The exegesis is the major component of this assessment. The exegesis should be no longer than 2000 words. The exegesis should address:
• The Proposed Aim & Rationale (as per task 2 revised if you like),
• The choice of topic,
• The choice of form,
• The choice of material to be covered,
• The related inclusions and exclusions,
• The choice and structure of assessment.
In the response students are to;
• Outline relevant concepts in curriculum,
• Engage critically with relevant curriculum issues,
• Engage with appropriate academic literature and curriculum debates.

  1. Communicates ideas effectively & clearly*
  2. Uses appropriate research to inform the analysis
  3. Outlines related concepts in curriculum
  4. Applies an aspect of a curriculum debate
  5. Meaningfully relates academic literature to practice and / or experience.

Also can you please use some of these references;

  1. Read Chapters (9) 10, 11 & 16 of Brady & Kennedy.
  2. Read Connelly & Connelly (2013) Curriculum Policy Guidelines: Context, Structures & Functions
  3. Young (2013): Overcoming the crisis in curriculum theory: a knowledge based approach.

Young (2009) What are schools for? In Lauder. H, Porter.J and Daniels.H(Ed) (2009) Critical Perspectives on education, London Routledge

Read Brady & Kennedy (2014) Chapters 12-13.

Read Brady & Kennedy (2014) Chapters 14-15 & 17.

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type of assignment: Coursework
Subject: Not defined
Pages/words: 20/5500
Number of sources: 17
Academic level: High school
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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