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NS6412 APPLIED RESEARCH PROJECT – dissertation 5000 words.

  • The subject is Current issues and challenges faced in current criminal justice system.
  • Focus on: gang activities and anti-social behaviour in London, focus on them, described, and write about them, don’t be too general, be specific.
  • Should be done survey 54 questionnaires(for example what people think the main issues are)
  • Which theories can be applied?
  • Show you applied the theory in your research
  • Which theory apply and use for your research
  • Be careful with the references. Use Harvard references.
  • Use academic materials.
  • The requirements for the assessment
    The requirements for the assessment
    The requirements for the assessment: Individual dissertation/project: 5,000 words or equivalent

Research project with primary data (fictive 54 questionnaires surveys) and secondary data which are statistics and information gathered from public websites. Please read carefully and respect the guide as follows:

1 INTRODUCTION – you should add AROUND 500 WORDS
Here you need to add an introduction and also, something about the history of crime in uk and how it has grown and why …….
1.1 Background of the study – I insert the background of the study (you can copy pasted in the research, no modification please to this section, you can use it as guideline on what the project is about)
The judicial system against crime in the UK is in front of those who have not paralleled logjams in court cases and record the criminal’s identity numbers regarding the anti-social behaviours and gang activities. This is the kind of burden which could be the outcome of postponements and late hearings in the cases like anti-social behaviour and gang activities, during the epidemic of COVID – 19 and the strategy of the government to give an additional 20, 000 police force for the rise in the number of pupils who face criminal charges (Stoicea et al., 2019).
As per the partnership-based publication of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, the total prisoner’s population is estimated to increase up to 90,000, being the highest possible level till the time and may rise to 95, 000 till 2023 to 2024. Over the last ten years, the prisons of Wales and England have almost filled to their capacity with an enhancement in the cases relating to the self – harm and violence (Stoicea et al., 2019). The government of the United Kingdom has made the resolution to provide an extra 10, 000 places to form prison involving in gang activity as well as anti-social behaviour but this number is not sufficient to meet the possible rise in the number of prisoners in the coming years as per the predictions.
In fact, as per the estimation, an additional amount of £250 million is measured to be spent for the maintenance of the prevailing performance in the jails. Also, the lockdown occurred due to the pandemic that let the courts shut. However, some of the cases are found to be the priority, and judiciary hearings are found to be postponed together with this. It has been revealed by the research that the cases of crime are increased by more than 70 % in the last six months because of time taking process of hearing caused by the pandemic and letting the victims as well as the offenders to wait for more than half of the year by the trial process in the courtrooms. No doubt, this late hearing is creating the greatest ever waiting period as per the records. And for solving this problem of backlog, the government is required to spend more of £55m to £110m per year for the two years for processing of extra trials required (Stoicea et al., 2019).

1.2 Aims and Objectives:
With the aim of achieving the success as well as the development within the sector of deploying accurate implication of laws and policies in sector of criminology, there finds the need for criminal justice system leaders to think and communicate locally by acting ethically at the time of developing suitable solutions to crime and terrorism. Based on this, the overall research would help in determining the number challenges and issues that have been currently faced in criminal justice system.
The aim of conducting the entire research is to identify the type and number of current issues and challenges that are being faced in current crime justice system (i.e., gang activities and anti-social behaviour in London).
Objectives of the study are:

  • Conducting questionnaires surveys in London (specifically Barking, Stratford and East Ham)
  • Gathering secondary data (other research data published on government and on other organisations websites).
  • Gathering and structuring key thjeme findings in the literature review
  • Conclude the main findings and make recommendations

Type Of Service: Academic Paper Writing
Type of Assignment: Research paper
Subject: Criminal justice
Pages / Words: 10/5000
Number of sources: 49
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Paper Format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Single
Language Style: UK English

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