Assignment details
The assignment gives you the opportunity to develop a means of teaching others about a topic related to cultural diversity (see topics below). It has two components:

  1. A short oral presentation to raise awareness about an aspect of the unit content.
  2. A report accompanying the presentation, in which you describe a clear rationale that draws on the literature relevant to your chosen topic.
    Topics for the Assignments (choose ONE)
  3. The influence of ethnic/cultural background on parenting beliefs and/or practices.
  4. Social, cultural and/or psychological challenges experienced by refugees in settlement.
  5. The impact of racism and discrimination on psychological and/or physical health.
    Please note that these are broad topics. You should choose to focus on a more specific area within these topics for your presentation. For example, if you chose topic 3, you might focus on raising awareness of the issue among young people, like secondary school students, or among teachers.
    The presentation must be prepared in Powerpoint. Instructions are provided below. You might also include discussion points, activities or additional resources/readings as part of the presentation. Put yourself in the role of teacher: you need to explain this content and to make it interesting and engaging to your audience.
    The report should be no more than 3 A4 pages of double-spaced text (excluding the reference list).

Outline of the assignment report
In the report (a Word or pdf document) you should describe your aims and rationale for the presentation, drawing on relevant literature to support your case. The report should include (in addition to your name and student number):

  1. A title
  2. Aims and Objectives
    Who is the target audience? What do you hope that participants will learn from the presentation? How might they apply that knowledge or understanding in their work or lives more generally?
  3. Problem Statement
    What is the issue or problem the presentation addresses? Include relevant supporting documentation.
  4. Rationale
    Why is this an important topic? What are some key concepts and principles that will be learned or illustrated? Provide BRIEF evidence drawn from the literature.
  5. Self-reflection
    A short summary of what you have learned from completing this assignment, in terms of:
    o knowledge about the topic;
    o skills (e.g., use of Power point, design, communication);
    o your own cultural identity and the cultural identities of others.
  6. References
    List any references that you have cited in this assignment.
  7. A link (URL) to your Oral Presentation.

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