Contents page Full list of contents – usually chapter headings and subsection headings.
Also include separate list of figures and tables.
Abstract An abstract should describe the whole of the dissertation; its approach,
the main literature and theory used, the methods, important
discussion/debates and the main results and conclusions. It should be in
PAST tense. No more than a page.
Introduction A brief introduction to the dissertation subject area highlighting key issues
or reasons for the study and, perhaps, any important areas or approaches
not included in the research. Contemporary data and scene setting. This
chapter should end with the overall aim of the research and list of
objectives [primary and secondary].
Literature Review A thorough, analytical and reflective analysis of the relevant literature.
Typically, this starts with literature that sets the context for the study and
narrows down to define terms and theoretical frameworks or concepts,
which are of interest. Several areas of interest may be explored and their
significance to the topic should be made clear by the author.
Methodology Some assessment of the possible methods as well as an account and
justification of the method(s) chosen. This section will usually include a
(past tense) account of how the data was actually gathered including any
problems arising. Headings should include: Ontology; Epistemology;
Approach (deductive versus inductive); Type of research (e.g.
exploratory, descriptive, explanatory etc); Type of data (qualitative, or
quantitative and qualitative); Type of design (single, multiple, or mixed);
Research Method (data collection); Research tool; Population and
Sampling technique(s).
Data Analysis/Findings/
The data generated by the above. It should be reported as completely
and neutrally as is possible such that the reader can assess it. In many
cases some analysis will have been carried out and this should be made

Type of service: Dissertation services
Type of assignment: Dissertation
Subject: Public relations
Pages/words: 35/9500
Number of sources: 1
Academic level: Bachelor’s
Paper format: Havard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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