You have been contracted to prepare a briefing to the city Mayor on how to reduce residential burglary victimisation in the area. The Mayor has little understanding of crime prevention and it is vital he/she be briefed comprehensively as the Council and the local Police have been receiving adverse complaints from the public as well as drawing media criticism. Drawing on for example the SARA components of the POP framework explain the types of activities you believe the Mayor should be briefed upon to aid the reduction of this crime in the Council area.
Your critical response to the question should draw on your knowledge about crime patterns, crime prevention theory, and the capacity to modify crime opportunities. It is expected that you will draw heavily on empirical literature and applied criminological research to formulate and substantiate your argument.

Your response will include a minimum of 15 references. Given the applied nature of this research and the wide-range of sources of information that are available, it is acceptable to use government reports (e.g., the Australian Institute of Criminology reports) and evaluations undertaken by government agencies (e.g., finalists in both the Goldstein Awards and Tilley Awards) in addition to peer-reviewed academic sources (journal articles or edited books). Unpublished web pages are not acceptable sources of information.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Criminal Justice
Pages/words: 7/1800
Number of sources: 18
Academic level: Junior(college 3rd year)
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: AU English

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