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Please include your UB number in the Header of your document, but do not include your name on the document to ensure anonymous marking.

Always keep an electronic copy for your records.


Please proofread your work carefully and reference your work thoroughly throughout your answers. Your answers should demonstrate familiarity with relevant legislation and case law. You may also reference any substantive academic textbooks, statute books, journal articles or other literature which you deem to be appropriate, but you are not expected to use the OSCOLA reference style for exam answers.

All questions are worth an equal amount of marks.

Use the same format throughout the paper:

• General alignment: justified
• Font: Arial or Times New Roman 12; Line spacing: 1,5 or 2


Question 1:
Timo makes prank videos for his YouTube channel. He has some popular videos on his channel and is starting to earn a modest income through YouTube’s advertising revenue and some small sponsorship deals. He believes that he is one viral video away from earning a satisfactory wage. To achieve this Timo goes into town to make a video.
The prank he planned to film was called ‘the smoking gun’. Timo used his high-pressure water-gun for this prank. He sat nonchalantly on a bench, and with his water-gun concealed, near a popular smoking shelter. His plan was to spray water at people who were lighting a cigarette. He would time it carefully to spray the water at the moment that the flame was lighting the cigarette, thereby the water would simultaneously extinguish the flame, ruin the cigarette and drench the smoker. He would then shout, ‘smoking gun!’ and run away, before returning to apologise, and offering the target £20 for the inconvenience caused.
The first person to come to the smoking shelter was Christian. Timo sprayed him with water. Christian was at first not pleased, but he saw the funny side of it, and accepted the £20 compensation. Twenty minutes later Roy and Sara came to the smoking shelter. Timo sprayed water at Roy. This time Timo’s aim was wayward and the powerful jet of water hit Roy in the eye. This caused soft-tissue damage to the cornea and caused a haemorrhage. Roy was required a patch on his eye for four weeks, but thereafter made a full recovery with no loss of sight. Timo then pointed the gun at Sara. Upon seeing this Sara turned to run away, but ran straight into the side of the smoking shelter. This knocked Sara unconscious, and as she fell she hit her head on the ground resulting in Sara falling into a coma. Sara is still in hospital and has not yet come out of her coma, and the doctors fear that she may have serious brain damage. The Police were called and Timo was arrested.
Discuss Timo’s potential criminal liability.


Question 3:
Landry was out with his girlfriend Tyra on a date one evening. They stopped their car at a petrol station. Landry went to the shop to pay while Tyra waited by the car. Tyra was then attacked. A man ran out of the darkness and tried to wrestle her into his own car. Tyra tried to fight off the man, but she was overpowered after he hit her three times in the face. She was forced into his car and he tried to rape her. Tyra managed to press the car-horn a number of times. At this Landry came out of the shop to investigate the noise. The man attacking Tyra then fled on foot. Landry picked up a piece metal piping and gave chase. He caught up with the man after a 100 yard chase. Landry hit the man 2 times on the back of his head as hard as he could with the metal pipe. The man collapsed unconscious. Landry went back to his car to take care of Tyra, and then he called the police.
The man who attacked Tyra was called Eric. Eric was taken to hospital, but the hospital was especially busy due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus in the local area, and the man was forgotten about and not treated. He died two hours after arriving at the hospital.
You work as a prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service. Draft a prosecution decision discussing Landry’s potential criminal liability and any defences which might be available to him.

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