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● The word limit for this assessment is 3,000 words.
● You do not need to adhere to any system of referencing, but you
must include a bibliography and use in-text references to identify
sources such as cases, statutory provisions, books and journals.
Please do not include footnotes or endnotes in your answers.
● Your bibliography is not included in the word count. It should
contain a list of sources referred to in the body of your answers,
such as books, journal articles or reports. You do not need to
include a list of cases or statutory provisions.
● The word limit must not be exceeded. Penalties for the word
counts in excess of the published word limit are as follows:
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o 5 marks deducted immediately at the point that the word limit
is exceeded.
o 10 marks deducted where the word limit is exceeded by
more than 10%.
o In addition to the 10 marks penalty, any material in excess of
20% above the published word limit will not be read.
● Please note that misstatement of the correct length of your work
may be treated as a disciplinary offence

Part A: Problem Question (50%)
Joseline, a 17 year-old aspiring rapper in Manchester, has been
performing and live-streaming music from her apartment due to COVID19. Without the ability to perform live, Joseline has been relying on
sporadic commissions from her TikTok and YouTube channels to earn
money. Max, a social media manager who works for record producer DJ
Mimi, noticed one of Joseline’s videos on TikTok. Max was instantly
attracted to Joseline and noticed that Joseline followed his boss. He
decided, as someone with access to Mimi’s verified social media
accounts, to direct message Joseline using DJ Mimi’s TikTok account.
Max sent a direct message to Joseline telling her she was beautiful and
that her songs should be played in clubs everywhere.
Joseline and Max struck up a conversation via TikTok during lockdown.
Over a number of months, and hundreds of messages, Joseline shared a
lot of personal information (including her phone number and address).
She told Max (who was still presenting himself as DJ Mimi) that she
idolised DJ Mimi’s contributions to rap and she hoped to be as successful
as DJ Mimi one day. She also disclosed to Max that she was broke and
might soon become homeless as she had been unable to earn a basic
living. She said life as a performer had been really difficult because public
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health restrictions closed down entertainment venues and the government
did not offer adequate financial assistance. Max, still using his boss DJ
Mimi’s TikTok account, tried to reassure Joseline. He made promises that
he would offer her a 3-album deal and invest in making her videos “as
fierce as possible” once she was able to come into the studio. Joseline,
who had admired DJ Mimi for years and desperately wanted to be signed
to DJ Mimi’s Hot Peach record label, was thrilled by the offer. Joseline,
thinking she scored the deal of a lifetime, turned down offers from other
much smaller, independent record labels.
As Joseline and Max continued to talk on social media and via text
message, the conversations between them became increasingly sexual.
Max told Joseline that the music business was all about “the ass you show
off” and that Joseline “had so much of it to give.” Joseline, feeling quite
uncomfortable about the tone of these conversations, would make jokes
to try and change the subject whenever this happened. Max, however,
intensified his sexual messages to Joseline. He made sexualised
comments about her body and even requested Joseline record a video
“playing with herself” so he could see just how sexy she could be.
Joseline, not wanting to jeopardise a potential record deal that would
guarantee her financial security and still believing she was talking to Mimi,
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made a short video of her masturbating. Joseline sent the video to Max
via text message.
Max made further requests for videos but Joseline, now beginning to
suspect she was being “catfished,” refused. Incensed, Max began to send
Joseline graphic sexual memes and texted her a range of misogynistic
slurs. He also would call her in the middle of the night and would replay
over the phone the audio from the video Joseline sent him so Joseline
could hear herself masturbating. One night after a few drinks, knowing
Joseline would be out, Max decided to sneak into Joseline’s apartment
because he “wanted to make her pay” for ignoring him. He ransacked the
apartment and left with a hard drive containing Joseline’s original tracks.
Joseline became very traumatised and anxious as a result of her
interactions with Max. She went to her doctor who referred her to a
specialist. Joseline was subsequently diagnosed with an anxiety disorder
and prescribed anti-anxiety medication to cope.
Discuss Max’s liability in relation to his actions towards Joseline.
Part B: Essay Question (50%)
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Answer ONE essay question from the choices below.

  1. “Criminal law acts as a system of moral obligations, standards, and
    concerns, but inevitably such understandings are rooted in a social
    context and with it, the shifting sands of opinion.” – Chris Ashford
    and Alan Reed, “Lived Experiences, Bodily Autonomy and the
    Framing of Criminal Responsibility” (2020) 84(6) The Journal of
    Criminal Law 523
    To what extent does criminal law reflect changing social views
    about consent, harm, and responsibility? Discuss with
    reference to relevant legal scholarship, statutes, and case law
    relating to at least one type of assault offence and one type of
    sexual offence.
  2. “There is no reason why the law should excuse those who make a
    mistake about what contemporary standards of honesty are,
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    whether in the context of insurance claims, high finance, market
    manipulation or tax evasion.” – Lord Hughes, Ivey v Genting
    Casinos [2017] UKSC 67
    To what extent does criminal law hold people accountable for
    dishonest behaviour? Discuss with reference to relevant legal
    scholarship, statutes, and case law relating to at least one type
    of property offence and one type of sexual offence.

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