Submission Information:
1) Please submit in WORD format only.
Other formats will be returned ungraded.
2) Please submit your assessment under the “Assessment > Assignments > Assessment
Task 3: Policy Report” folder in the ACR212 cloud site.
1) You must complete an electronic application for extensions to be considered located
under the “Tools > Assessment Extension Request” section on the ACR212 site.
2) Special Consideration information can be found under the “Resources > Assessment

Special Consideration” folder in the ACR212 cloud site.
a. All Special Consideration requests should be discussed with the Unit Chair.
Late Penalties:
1) There will be a 5% (2.5pt) penalty per day applied to any assessment submitted late,
without a preapproved extension.
2) Any assessment submitted over 5 days late without an extension will receive a 0
ungraded mark.
Referencing and word count:
1) Correct referencing is absolutely essential for this assessment
2) Deakin Harvard in-text and reference list are expected.
3) Reference lists don’t count towards the final word count. In-text citations do count.
4) You have a +/- 10% leeway for your word count, so anywhere between 1800-2200 words.
Got a Question?
Please post your questions on the Discussion Board in the Task 3: Policy Report area.
Make sure you label your post carefully and read other posts to avoid too much doubling
Do feel free to answer other students’ questions if you like. We are keen to work in a
collaborative environment and staff will be monitoring the discussion boards to ensure that
you are provided with clear and consistent information.
ACR212 Crime, Surveillance and Technology: Assessment Task 3
You are required to provide government with a policy paper that critically analyses and
evaluates the use, effectiveness, and impacts of a surveillance technology by law
enforcement and/or security intelligence agencies.
In your policy paper you need to identify and evaluate a technology or technological process
of your choice, and discuss its actual or potential use by a specific police or security
intelligence agency in Australia, or provide an analysis that recommends favouring or is
against its use based on evidence of its deployment in other jurisdictions.
Your policy paper needs to identify and evaluate a technology or technological process and
discuss its use by a police or security intelligence agency.
Possible examples include:
• Access to stored digital communications, such as telecommunications metadata
• Police use of body worn cameras
• Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones)
• IMSI Catchers
• ID scanners
• Government use of hacking
• Facial Recognition technology / Biometrics
• Big Data / Surveillance of Social Media
• Predictive Analytics (PredPol)
• DNA databases
• Artificial Intelligence (use of algorithms) in a part of the criminal justice system.
Based on the methodology for conducting a ‘Surveillance Impact Assessment’ found in
module 4 in the Wright and Raab (2012) reading, you must identify the key issues and
impacts associated with your chosen technology and to recommend course(s) of action for
government in deciding whether or not to implement the technology.
Possible key issues that relate to your report might include:
• inequities in impact for different populations affected by the use of the technology,
including discrimination;
• privacy infringements for certain populations or the population as a whole;
• false profiling or false positives;
• concerns about transparency and lack of accountability.

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