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Assessment Task

GROUP REPORT – Submission Deadline 7th June 2021 by 4pm

You should produce a 3000-word group report (+ relevant appendices as appropriate) outlining the following areas, as a minimum:

• An outline of the main theories and areas for consideration in ‘what and why’ organisations should foster a sustainable creative and innovative strategy to sustain competitive advantage, using relevant examples.
• An account of the management and leadership skills required to drive an organisational culture of enterprise and innovation;
• A reflection of the characteristics required to develop an individual entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial creative/innovative mindset;
• An account of your chosen organisation/entrepreneur including information about the company, their purpose and industry area;
• An outline of the key points from the interview you had with the organisation/entrepreneur and the key critical areas that impacted creative enterprise and innovation that were uncovered and then further researched by your group (positive and negative points);
• To provide recommendations and rationales to the organisation/entrepreneur around harnessing an enterprise and innovation culture to ensure continued success.

You will need to draw from a range of academic theories, models and insights that you have
studied and gained from your groups’ research; using a good range of credible academic references.

Suggested headings for your group report:

• Introduction (200)
• ‘What and why’ organisations should foster a sustainable creative and innovative strategy to sustain competitive advantage (1000)
• Skills required to drive an organisational culture/mindset of enterprise and innovation (this should include general and also those individual skills too) (700)
• Account and findings of (insert your chosen organisation/entrepreneur) (700)
• Conclusion and recommendations (400)
• Reference list (in Solent Harvard style)

Type Of Service: Academic paper writing
Type Of assignment: Report
Subject: Management
Pages/words: 11/3000
Number of sources: 15
Academic Level: Master’s
Paper Format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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