How Covid-19 trade disruption in the SADC-FTA manifest itself?

The review must have a purpose, like “Identification of Covid-19 disruption in trade in the SADC-FTA”.

Process would be:

a) systematically identify variables from literature that together represent trade or trade disruptions.

b) use secondary data to model before and after Covid and see where the biggest effect was.

Secondary data on trade flows need to cover some 2 to 3 years. That is about 8 to 12 quarter data that must be analysed (2018/2020). Because it will be looking at SADC and we also have a number of countries, so a panel data structure can be used for the empirical analysis.

Please, before you start with the review, it is important to do the actual review read the methodology of 10 articles from the Management Review Quarterly (which relate to your study) as well as the articles included in here, and me your methodology (3 pages max).

Secondary data may be found from data hubs such as: Easy Data, WDI, UNCTAN, SADC, AU and WTO.

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