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This essay belongs to the Counselling Theory Integration subject and I am bachelor of counselling student.
**** please put 20 references and the current references within 6 years.
****use APA 7 reference format.
Assessment Type Position Paper: Personal Professional Integrated Approach to Counselling

Topic Personal professional integrated Approach of Person-centered therapy and Cognitive Behaviour therapy in counselling practice.

Length 2250 words

****Please use first person and third person to write this essay.

Assessment Details and Instructions
Literature Review and write a position paper on the topic of your personal professional integrated approach to counselling by reflecting on the following question:
• • Who am I now, and who am I becoming as a counsellor?

The purpose of a position paper is to present an arguable point-of-view about an issue. In your position paper, your aim is to convince the audience that your argument is valid and defensible.

To present a valid argument, you need to ensure you have addressed all sides of a topic/issue in a way that the reader will understand. You need to demonstrate that you: have a thorough understanding of the topic; can support your argument with evidence from authoritative sources of literature; and able to refute any counterclaims (thus further demonstrating your understandings).
To answer this question logical steps you may follow are: (This is the content in body paragraphs, please follow every point in this outline)

  1. Review the various theoretical approaches that resonate with you -think about elements you particularly like about each therapy and why
    *the theories that I choose to resonate with me is Person-centered therapy and Cognitive Behaviour therapy. **** (this is my argument as I think that the integration of both theory is working best to the clients)
  2. Review the model of integration (technical eclecticism, assimilative integration, theoretical integration, and common factors)
    ** I choose assimilative integration*
    This is the detail of it, please re-write it in order to avoid plagiarism.
    “Assimilative integration believes that counsellors can integrate one or more theories into a theory based foundation (Goldfried & Norcross, 2019). This foundation theory gives the main conceptualisation about the theory of client’s personalities, their problems, and their changing processes that direct counsellors into the therapeutic tasks they decide to implement (Corey, 2019). Moreover, other counselling modalities are assimilated to this new integrated system by including their unique strategies or approaches into the base theory (Goldfried & Norcross, 2019). For example, counsellors can apply assimilative integration by integrating person-centered as a foundation theory and apply cognitive behaviour theory (CBT) techniques into this integration theory for the best support clients in counselling session.”

you use to integrate these in relation to their:

  1. View of humanness (naturalistic (personality theory), determinism vs social constructivist & free will, transpersonal) **** how person-centered and CBT view humanness ****
  2. View of wellness and ill health (e.g., what enables health and wellbeing, what causes ill health, especially mental illness) **** how person-centered and CBT view wellness and ill health ****
  3. View of how behaviour change occurs (what is their natural default focus for the change process? e.g., cognition, emotions, behaviour, spiritual transformation, etc) **** how person-centered and CBT view how behaviour change occurs ****
  4. Cultural responsiveness and relevance **** how person-centered and CBT apply to clients who have different culture ****
  5. Reflect on your current understanding of your evolving approach to counselling – what has influenced your ‘default’ position?
    As I mention above that my argument as I think that the integration of both theory is working best to the clients, ****Please create counter argument on it as well.
  6. Identify ‘next steps’ in developing your integrated perspective of Counselling
  7. Evaluate ‘what to be mindful of’ going forwards with your emerging integrative model (challenges, risks & opportunities, limitations & strengths).

* don’t forget to put introduction and conclusion by following this guideline
Introduction (one paragraph):
There are three important parts to include your introduction:
• • An introduction to your topic;
• • Brief overview of the background information stating why it is important;
• • Your position statement which indicates your position on the topic.

Body paragraphs (includes 9 points of content as explain above, at least 9 paragraphs):
The body paragraphs will contain:
• • Background information on your topic;
• • Supporting evidence, information and examples of your position;
• • A discussion of both sides of the position you have taken.

Remember that each paragraph must be limited to one topic / paragraph. Each paragraph illustrates a concept or element that clarifies a component of the position (both the argument/s for and counter argument/s).
In your discussion, remember to summarise the counter arguments to your position and provide supporting evidence for the claims. As you refute the counter arguments, give evidence for why (you are refuting these) using academic sources of literature.
The aim in this discussion is to convince your reader that although the counter arguments have merit, the arguments in support of your position are stronger than those that are against. Do not use emotive language, or feelings to counter the arguments, draw your justifications from academic sources of literature. It is also advised that you do not provide a ‘surface list’ of all the counter claims. Instead, chose two or three counter claims and present them in-depth.

In your conclusion:
• • You will restate your position. Carefully check that you have maintained the position through your paper and that the arguments for the position are not overshadowed by the counterclaims. If you are sensing that the counter arguments may be stronger, you may need to re-think your position.
• • You will include the next plan of action that can be taken in moving forward or possible solutions. Be careful not to introduce any new information here. This plan of action should be clear through your paper based on your position.

Type of service: Adimission services
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Psychology
Pages /words: 9/2475
Number of sources: 25
Academic level: Senior(college 4th year)
Paper formart: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: AU English

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