The task required is:

  1. Perform Cost-effectiveness analysis using both ACER formula and ICER formula as directed in this file.
  2. Accordingly, I should receive about 3 (Three tables) and 3 (three figures). 
  3. are developing research questions that must be clearly defined.
  4. measuring both cost and outcome.
  5. calculating cost effectiveness ratio (CER) and incremental cost effectiveness ratio (ICER)
  6. testing for uncertainty by conducting sensitivity analysis to test the robustness of the conclusions of an economic evaluation.

Cost-effectiveness analysis in healthcare refers to the economic evaluation in which the costs and consequences of alternative interventions are expressed in cost per unit of health outcome.

The analysis is focusing on evaluating the costs of the alternatives and involves the measurement of benefits in a quantifiable manner or natural unit such as lives saved or death prevented, and then compares the effectiveness of alternative options to deliver the health-related project or program

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