In the aftermath of Britain leaving the European Union and the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the availability of employment, many recent migrants may be considering the relative benefits of staying in the United Kingdom or returning to the country of their birth. They need to weigh up financial and non-financial costs and benefits and come to decision based on both.

Perceived likelihood of return relative to time spent in UK and absolute income levels.

Perceptions of earning potential in UK going forward and in the home country.

Relative cost of living in both countries and the affect of debt and assets.

Intangible costs and benefits of staying or returning, considering friends and family.

The extent to which opinions of UK nationals toward migrant workers affects the decision making process.

Again, this topic allows some development of analytical thought for setting financial considerations against quality of life aspects, key to decision making in healthcare settings and elsewhere in both public finance and the charity sector. Again, the use of questionnaires should be possible through my own contacts as well as online groups.

Dissertation proposal should be focus mainly on accounting side

Type of service: Dissertation
Type of asignment: Dissertation/Thesis proposal
Subject: Accounting
Pages/words: 8/2000
Number of sources: 10
Academic level: Bachelor’s
Paper Format: Harvard
Line spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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