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The assignment requires you to analyse the performance and position of Halfords plc.

You should start to build up an electronic portfolio on Halfords plc.

Potential sources of relevant information are:
• internal
 the Annual Report and Accounts to 3 April 2020. This can be found by searching online for ‘Halfords plc’ and accessing the ‘investors’ section.
 other corporate website material (e.g. interim reports, quarterly trading statements and other company announcements).

• external
 share price information (can be obtained from various websites e.g. London Stock Exchange / Yahoo! Finance etc or from Bloomberg)
 financial and business press for relevant news articles on the company and its business sector (e.g. BBC or FT.com)


You are required to prepare a report on Halfords plc that would be of interest to a potential shareholder to include the following:

  1. Header page with your name, student ID and chosen company
  2. Introduction to include:

2.1 Company name/most recent financial year-end date/name of external auditors
2.2 A brief description of the company’s business model (an explanation of what the company does and any distinguishing features) – maximum 100 (of your own) words
(5 marks) 

  1. Financial details and ratios (include these in the Appendix, see 6 below. This section is excluded from the word count)

Prepare a table setting out the following variables for the most recent and previous financial year:

3.1 Revenue (also by segment if available), cost of sales (if available), gross profit, (if available), profit from operations (this may need to be calculated) and profit for the year

3.2 Non-current assets, current assets, current liabilities, non-current liabilities and equity

3.3 Cash generated from operations, net cash in/outflow from operations, net cash in/outflow from investing activities, net cash in/outflow from financing activities and the net increase/decrease in cash for the period

3.4 Market capitalisation (number of ordinary shares x share price) as at your company’s reporting date (and at their previous reporting date). You must show your workings.
(10 marks)

Type Of Service: Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment: Coursework
Subject: Accounting
Pages / words: 6/1600
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Academic Level: Undergraduate
Paper Format: APA
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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