The Renaissance period was a time of great renewal of art and literature, but it was also a time of turmoil and diversity from many conflicts in Europe. As both Castiglione’s and Scudery’s writings demonstrate, it became increasingly risky to use political rhetoric powerfully to challenge rulers and the status quo. After all, look at what happened to Cicero, who was killed for being such a powerful orator. So, instead of teaching people to use rhetoric in the political arena to persuade people to the true and the good, rhetoric had to use more subtle means. In Scudery’s France, while Louis XIV was in power, rhetoric moved outside the court to the salon where her style of conversation could demonstrate how rhetoric can still persuade people of the true and the good. Using the attached readings, write answering the following:

1. According to Scudery, what is the goal of conversation and what does it have to do with rhetoric?

2. What are the conditions to having a good conversation? What are its rules?

3. Given the oppressive historical situation in France at the time of Scudery’s writing, how does her salon rhetoric offer an alternative to political rhetoric?

4. End the essay with 1-2 questions about the material

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