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Instructions to candidates
• Students must answer any 2 questions from the 4 given.
• This is a closed book examination.
• No materials, including dictionaries, are allowed in the examination room.
• All questions carry equal weight.
• This examination accounts for 65% of the overall marks for this unit.
• Please ensure that your mobile phone has been switched off prior to the
start of the examination.
LAW007-1 Main Exam (with Marking Scheme) Page 2 of 2

  1. Read the scenario below:
    Helen is getting married on the 1st of June. She has concluded a contract with
    Beautiful Weddings Ltd agreeing that the latter will organise the wedding in a
    field, taking care of the decoration of the field, as well as of catering and
    entertainment for the guests. Helen has paid £10,000 in advance in order to
    cover the cost of the organisation of the wedding by Beautiful Weddings Ltd.
    However, two weeks before the wedding the local council cancelled the licence
    of the field owner to organise events in the field.
    Helen has also paid Peter £400 to use his horse driven carriage for her arrival
    at the wedding venue. Nevertheless, the horse was stricken by a lightning
    during a storm and was killed. Peter is refusing to return the £400 to Helen as
    he believes that it was not his fault.
    Advise Helen on the following:
    a. Whether her contract with Beautiful Weddings Ltd has been frustrated.
    b. Whether Peter can keep the £400 she had paid him for the carriage.
  2. Read the scenario below:
    John is the owner of a café in Malford railway station. He has decided to sell
    this café and advertises this for sale in a local newspaper. In response to the
    advertisement George comes to see the café and during the negotiations for
    the sale John tells him that there are plans to increase the number of
    platforms at Malford railway station, which will significantly increase passing
    trade and therefore will lead to an increase of the profits of the café of 10,000
    per year. These statements were true when John made them, but they were
    not included in the subsequent written contract.
    Just before the contract between John and George was concluded, British
    Railways Board announced that it would no longer be increasing the number
    of platforms at Malford station. However John did not inform George of this.
    Following the conclusion of the contract, George finds out about the decision
    not to increase the number of platforms.
    George seeks your advice as to whether he can avoid his contract with John
    and what possible remedies might be available for George.
  3. How can terms be implied into a contract? Your answer must be supported by
    relevant case law.
  4. With reference to case law, explain the law with regard to alteration promises
    to pay more and alteration promises to accept less in an already formed

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