Two questions:

1. Of all the obstacles confronting Gert Schoonbee’s strategy for rebuilding the reputation of T-Systems South Africa (TSSA) which were the most difficult to overcome and why?

2. Why did Gert Schoonbee believe he needed to build a wide base of support for his strategy even though few in the South African business community shared his value ethos? Was he right?

The answer of each question should be 1500 words, 3000 words in total. For each of the questions should be used the materials in the attached files. You can find in the attached files brief, but enough information. If need to use another framework, please write to me, because we are limited to what we have studied so far. In the attached files you can also find the case study. Very important – the book The Powers to Lead by Joseph S. Nye is very important tool here also. I have uploaded 3 chapters of it, but cannot upload chapter number 5, which is even more important. I hope that the writer can download it and i will pay the costs for the download, if needed.

In any case, it is important the writer to have an MBA degree and to be familiar with the above frameworks and with the case.

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Type Of assignment: Essay
Subject: Business
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Academic Level: Master’s
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