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Select a contemporary theme, ( I CHOOSE TO SPOKE ABOUT How the life of a football scout changed during the pandemic THIS IS MY TITLE!)
Whilst this should be written in an academic format, you must also consider your writing from a conference attendees’ perspective, and ensure that it is interesting, have honesty and integrity and be representative of the subject which you want to discuss.
The following structure should be used:
Remember that it is part of your overall work for this module and your presentation within assessment 2 will allow you illustrate the subject that you have chosen, and so you should write 2,500 words supported by in text citations, and an accompanying reference list of a minimum of 25 reference sources.

Your Title Page to include:
The title of your theme
Your name and student number.
Your Module Title and Code
Your Lecturer Name
An abstract of your content: (This is not included in the word count)
This is very similar to an executive summary which you will have used previously when writing reports, so an overall summary of the content, what its about, what you will discuss and how you expect it to end.
Introduction (5-10% of word count)
This very much sets out the subject that you are presenting, a short background and a timeline, when did this subject become important, when did the change start to happen?
Body of work: (80% of word count)
This can be set into paragraphs such as
Why this change is important.
Who this is affecting?
What impact will it have on the Industry (as a whole or a section)
Competition within this area- is there any, are you suggesting a new development yet to be tried out in response to what is happening now.
How this change can happen – consider risks and compare and contrast with other people work or similar situations (there will be very many if you consider global matters).
Recommendations – are you making any or are you just asking a challenging question of the industry, and this is very much you putting an idea out there that others might wish to consider?
Conclusion (10/15% of word count)
This is the very end of your paper, who would you like to recognise here, Industry Influencers, Organisations, Academics. You are signing off your paper at this stage, so remember to consider what has influenced your writing.
Reference List (Not included in word count)
You must use credible sources for your research from online sources, media, and industry journals to support your essay. This is a 2,500-word paper and so you need to include 25 sources as a minimum. These must also be inserted as in text citations, to support your writing.( I NEED ONLY ONLINE SOURCES VERY VERY IMPORTANT NEED TO BE HARVARD REFERENCES)
You will be assessed on your ability to synthesise knowledge, to develop an understanding of the subject you have chosen, and how you have been able to present this idea in words within this supporting paper.
You should provide evidence that you have accessed an appropriate range of sources, which may be academic, governmental, and industrial; these sources may include academic journal articles, textbooks, current news articles, organisational documents, and websites. You should consider the credibility of your sources; academic journals are normally highly credible sources while websites require careful consideration/selection and should be used sparingly. Any sources you use should be current and up-to-date, mostly published within the last five years or so, though seminal/important works in the field may be older. You must provide evidence of your research/own reading throughout your work, using a suitable referencing system, including in-text citations in the main body of your work and a reference list at the end of your work.

Type Of Service: Academic Paper Writing
Type of Assignment: Essay
Subject: Marketing
Pages / Words: 10/2500
Number of sources: 30
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Paper Format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Double
Language Style: UK English

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