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3000 words – 8 themes to choose from Section 1 (300 words, 10% of the marks): The Introduction
First, the essay will start with the introductory paragraph that will set the scene for the important contemporary management issue that you have identified (learning outcome #1 and marking scheme #1). A good introductory paragraph would start with re-stating the topic, i.e. what is that the essay has set out to do. This is followed by clearly stating the aims and objectives, the structure of the essay, the mention of the theories/literature used followed by the case intended to be used and some remarks about how the essay would end.

Section 2 (900 words, 30% of the marks): The Literature Review
Second, it is expected that the essay is built on the heels of a robust literature review about the chosen topic. For example, if a student chooses to pursue the topic “difference in cultures”, the requirement is that there are a thorough analysis and appraisal of the literature of this topic with a greater degree of critique of conceptual and theoretical material (learning outcome #2 and marking scheme #2). This should be accomplished by research and the analysis of the literature, either from the library sources and/or from google scholar. It is suggested that this is limited to no less than five and no more than eight academic sources. By academic literature, it is meant the books, the journal articles and credible magazines, i.e. the Economist, Forbes, and the likes.

Section 3 (1,500 words, 50% of the mark): The Question
Thirdly, the knowledge acquired from the second part is now applied to the question you have selected from the list provided. It will be a critical account following a logical structure, informed by the learning from the literature review section. It should insightfully address management issues in a global context, recognising the cultural sensitivity of those issues (learning outcome #3 and marking scheme #3).

Section 4 (300 words, 10% of the mark): The Conclusion
Finally, a conclusive paragraph should sum up the arguments and demonstrate the solutions that different cultures are likely to adopt to address management issues with global significance (learning outcome #4 and marking scheme #4)

It is a requirement that there is a minimum of 15 references with majority from academic sources. The students may wish to add, as appendices, pictures, diagrams, tables or figures if necessary (the table of contents, the list of references and appendices do not count towards the word count).

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