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This needs to be done over 90% relating to the ppt, course materials presented below, i have already written 400 words more myself, another 800 needed to complete, follow my structure please with best quality delivered extremely important assessment, don’t have enough time to finish all on my own due to other commitments

1. Assess the theoretical contribution of the concept of ‘orchestration’ to our understanding of multi-level environmental governance.

Upper word limit: 1200 per question, Additional Guidance – please read carefully

• Specify the question numbers that you answered in the boxes provided on the coversheet for submission.


The Department’s standard expectation is that all take home online assessments (replacing previously scheduled Summer Term unseen exams) will require in-text citations, e.g.: Khan (2000); Gupta & Smith (2018); Zhang et al. (2008), and will NOT require an additional bibliography or full reference list.

Guidance on in-text citations can be found via the LSE Library and LSE Life pages.

Word Count

• The Word Count Includes:

• all essay text, including quotes (indirect and direct), citations and footnotes • headings and sub-headings • title of tables or figures • words/numbers in tables and figures

• The Word Count Excludes:

• Title / title page • Equations / Formulas • Table of contents / figures • Word count declaration

• Although you will typically need to make use of the full word limit to effectively answer a question, there is no penalty for using less words.

• Words beyond the limit will NOT be marked- there is no margin allowed.


• Where possible, use the formatting provided. If you need to make formatting adjustments, please use a large font (for example Arial or Helvetica pt15, which can easily be read on a tablet), line spacing with a minimum of 1.5 lines, left alignment, and margins of about one inch (2.54cm) on all four sides of the page.

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