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A recommendation to England based on France and Japan’s educational systems
This assignment will investigate and consider the ever-growing concerns of teacher retention in England. Developing recommendations for the Department for Education (DFE) in England to consider improvements through critical analysis and comparison to systems in Japan and France… is defined as, an investigation and understanding of varied countries educational policies and practices, taking in to consideration the cultural values and historic events that have contributed to their evolving education systems (Bignold and Gayton, 2009). Additionally, Bartram (2017, p.1) states “comparative education has the ability to fuse multiple theoretical perspectives with…
Recommendation one – Initial teacher training
A recommendation to the English DFE in attempt to resolve the issue of teacher retention, is to standardise and raise the expectations during initial teacher training. Research has emphasised the gaps present within the varied teacher training routes, highlighting factors based on subject knowledge, behaviour management, assessment, subject-specific pedagogy and how little is being taught regarding special educational needs and disability (Carter, 2015). Suggesting these gaps will not entirely prepare teachers for the daily expectations and demand of the classroom…
Recommendation 2 – Moral education
A further issue in England that has been identified as one of the reasons teachers are leaving the profession is poor student behaviour. A survey carried out by Barmby (2006) illustrated many reasons to why teachers consider leaving the profession, the highest answer with approximately 23% of participants, stating pupil behaviour is the main reason they want to leave. Furthermore, many reports (Rhodes, Nevill and Allan, 2004; Kyriacou and Kunc, 2007; Webb et al., 2011) revealed that poor pupil behaviour created more stress and workload for …
In conclusion, it is evident that teacher retention is one of the main issues in the English education system with the figures continuing to rise with no answer in sight…

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