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Assignment title:

“Corporate creditors face a unique risk of debtor opportunism in all jurisdictions. This is why all legal systems provide mechanisms designed to protect corporate creditors through a mix of regulatory strategies that reflects different styles of adjudication and enforcement, as well as diversity in insolvency proceedings. Nevertheless, it can be said, that we are witnessing a convergence of the legal strategies boosting creditor protection, which is to be welcomed.”

Using your own creditor protection coding, and comparing it to (at least) one of the countries already coded of your choice, critically analyse this statement and question showing good evidence of wider reading and clear evidence of a comparative study.


Please respond to this coursework with your own leximetric coding in mind. In order to assist the examiners, you will need to provide a copy of your leximetric coding. This does NOT form part of the word count for this assignment. Please ensure this is attached as an appendix to your coursework when submitting electronically.


Font Size: 12 Point
Font Type: Times New Roman
Line Spacing: 1.5
Left and right hand margins: 1.25”
Top and bottom margins: 1”

Word limit
One of the assessment criteria for this coursework is a requirement to write to a specified word length (see below) as it is an important professional skill for any aspiring lawyer. Students should declare the word count on the first page (or cover page) of their assessed work. Note that footnotes are NOT included in the word count. Footnotes should only be used for referencing purposes and not for substantive comments or argument, and footnotes containing any additional information or discussion will not be read. The word count also does NOT include the required front sheet, contents page, the bibliography or any appendices.
For the avoidance of doubt, your bibliography should list/collate only the material you refer to in your substantive piece (i.e. your references); it is NOT a list of all the material you have read in order to construct your answer.
Learning and Teaching Service Staff may check the accuracy of your stated word count.
Students are permitted to go up to 10% over the word limit without penalty. However, the ability to write concisely is considered a key legal skill. Where a student exceeds the word limit by more than 10%, there will be a deduction of 10 marks off the original mark. In addition, the marker is only obliged to read up to the 10% limit but is not obliged to read beyond it. There shall be no deduction of marks or other penalty where an item of coursework otherwise does not meet the expected word length. However, it is important to remember that failing to provide sufficient material, producing material that lacks focus or including material that is irrelevant will probably result in a lower mark on the basis of the lack of academic merit of the work submitted.

Coursework Deadlines

All coursework must be submitted by 15:00 on the specified date. Failure to submit on time without an approved (or where relevant and applicable self-certified) extension will result in a penalty for late submission.
Submission will be managed via Blackboard.

All coursework must be submitted electronically unless otherwise instructed.

Work submitted after the deadline must also be made electronically. Students can view their submissions date / time on the portal.
Please note that the deadline represents the last time that a piece of work can be submitted, and not a target. You are advised to plan ahead, and submit work well in advance of the deadline. This will help to ensure that any last minute delays do not result in late submission.

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Academic Level: Master’s
Paper Format: OSCOLA
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