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The following assignment is designed to encourage students to apply their
recently learned knowledge of motor development to a sports/physical activity
program in their own community. Students will be required to learn the
background of a sports/physical activity program in their community. Students
will look at how this specific sport/physical activity program is developed and
executed and whether it is effective.
Answer the questions below. Submit your work to Dropbox when you are
Step 1: Choose a Sports/Athletic Program
This is a great opportunity to see what sport/athletic opportunities are
available in your community. After learning what is available, choose a
program that you are interested in learning more about.
Step 2: Meet the Coach/Organizer
Once you have chosen a sport/physical activity program in your community,
find out who the coach and/or organizer is and introduce yourself to them.
Explain this assignment to them and ask them if it would be alright if you
observe them for a week or two. Try to plan so you not only observe their
practices, but their games/tournaments/special events as well.
Step 3: Profile of Community Sport/Physical Activity Program
Your sport profile should include the following: Sport history, Description,
General Rules, Description of the typical athlete, age and gender of
Step 4: Observation/Recording
While observing think about the stages of development which you learned
during this unit. Identify the stages of physical growth and development that
are represented in this specific community program. Develop an observation
sheet that includes the following:

  1. The activity design (are they appropriate for the developmental stage of
    the participants)
  2. Phases of skill (is there a logical process of teaching a new skill?)
  3. Feedback (what type of feedback does the coach/organizer execute, is
    it effective?)
    Step 5: Skill Analysis
    Describe three or more skills that are taught throughout your observations.
    Discuss the relevance of the motor-learning principles from our course. Be
    sure to refer to the Stages of Learning, Stages of Cognitive development, and
    Transfer of Learning.
    Step 6: Factors Affecting Performance
    Discuss the factors that may effect the performance of the
    athletes/participants in this community program.
    Step 7: Program Development/Improvements
    Explain how you could assist the coach/organizer of this community program
    with improving the effectiveness of athlete development. What do you like
    about the program, and what would you add or change to improve it? Would
    you include different activities/drills to help participants learn more effectively?
    e.g. improve the approach of teaching a new skill by having athletes first
    practice the skill on their own and then transfer it into the group dynamics and
    then into the game/performance aspect.

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