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1. A description and critical evaluation of the protocol that the program has used to communicate (UDP Packets) with the dashboard (the communications protocol is described in detail in Section 1.3.1). To what extent does the protocol help to ensure that communication is reliable?

1.3.1 Communications Protocol
The server listens for UDP Packets.
Messages to the server, and replies from the server, are formatted as Key:Value pairs, as is done in email headers (RFC822[3]) or HTTP Headers (RFC7230[4]).

Query messages have the message name as the first key, with a single question mark (ascii 63) as the value.

Command messages that set values or cause actions, have the message name as the first key and a corresponding exclamation mark (ascii 33) as the value.

Reply messages, returned in response to the above, have the message name as the key and an equals sign (ascii 61) as the value.

2. Why is .txt file is the best type of file for data logging? Justify this decision.

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