problem question:
Amy was the owner of a diamond necklace that she advertised for
sale. Byron, a personal stylist and former model, claimed that his
neighbour, Chandrika, was looking to extend her collection of
jewellery. Amy knew Chandrika from a reality TV show that they
had both participated in a few years ago, The Real Housewives of
Whiteknights, and she knew that Chandrika had always admired
the necklace but was too proud to buy it directly from her. Amy and
Byron agreed to pretend that he now owned the necklace; together
they forged an inflated valuation report and a certificate of
ownership in Byron’s name, in the hope that Chandrika would
make an offer. If she did, Amy would decide whether to sell and ¨C11CByron would obtain a 10% commission on any sale. In breach of ¨C12Cthe agreement, Byron sold the necklace to Chandrika for £36,000 ¨C13Cduring their lunch together at an expensive restaurant. Byron then ¨C14Cdisappeared with the money. ¨C15CChandrika soon realised that she could make a profit if she sold the ¨C16Cnecklace on to Dimitri, a London dealer. Dimitri purchased the ¨C17Cnecklace for £45,000 and immediately displayed it in the centre of ¨C18Chis window display at his shop. ¨C19CThe next day Enrique saw the diamond necklace in the window and ¨C20Cwanted to purchase it for his daughter. He paid a deposit of £5,000 ¨C21Cand it was agreed that Dimitri would arrange for the clasp to be ¨C22Creplaced because it was loose; Enrique would collect the adjusted ¨C23Cnecklace in a week’s time and pay the balance. ¨C24CLater that day, Dimitri took the necklace to Finula, a specialist in ¨C25Cdiamonds, and asked her to replace the clasp. Finula commented ¨C26Con the quality of the necklace and suggested that it was worth in ¨C27Cexcess of £60,000. Given that this was far more than the sum agreed ¨C28Cwith Enrique, Dimitri asked Finula if she could find out if anyone ¨C29Cwould be willing to pay that amount. ¨C30CGuang visited Finula’s premises the following morning and saw the ¨C31Cnecklace. He said that it would make a perfect wedding gift for his ¨C32Cfiancé; he paid Finula £65,000 for it.


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