Discuss how elite bias in Sydney’s criminal justice system widened the social and economic disparity among the other social classes during the 18th to 19th centuries
Essay structure
• Structured around the examination of conviction cases (high and low profile individuals etc)

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  • Social structure of early Sydney History, on manners and mores, and the writing on legislation of the Vagrancy Acts which were intended to manage drunkenness
    o Kirsten McKenzie
    o Penny Russell
  • Here, the question is about which kinds of subjects were considered to be undesirable, and in need of policing, and which were not
  • Finding examples of ‘elites’ who were punished under these laws might be useful too, as exceptions which proved the rule or, in any case, point towards the limits of these laws
  • There is a large historiography on vagrancy (see the work of Julie Kimber & Catherine Coleborne), and policing, so perhaps searching too closely for alcohol is the issue here?
  • The subject also has resonances with the present, where we know that who is drinking and where has an inordinate impact of the likelihood of prosecution

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