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Optional Essay – Unique Experience(2500 max character with space)
Briefly discuss any unique circumstances or life experiences that are relevant to your application which has not previously been presented.
I think I have three unique life experiences/circumstances in my life. The first was immigration to the U.S. The second was the courage to set aside Mechanical Engineering and pursue Dentistry. Second, my profession changed from mechanical engineering, and, third, establishing a business was my top three unique experiences.
The time that I immigrated to the U.S was unique for me because I was scared and at the same time have hope. I was afraid because of the tight budget. I live for about two months in a motel to get a job and rent an apartment. It was hard, but the only thing that keeps me up was hope for a better life and went after my dream.
The second was when I make one of my most significant decision in my life to try my chance and change my profession from mechanical engineering to pursue dentistry. It was tough to turn over my career because all my friends were against my decision to pursue dentistry. But at the end of the day, I was serious about my decision and believe I live once.
In the way to prepare for applying my dental school, finding a temporary job to make my working schedule flexible and at the same time have higher income per hour was my priority to overcome tight studying situation. Among all jobs that I search for, having a mobile cell phone repair business was the best choice for me, which required the least amount of initial devices and can be done mobile. So I take the schedule online, the customers book their desired appointment, and meet them in their location. I drive to their site, which in most cases their house, apartment, offices, and fix their phone and tablets. I start the business from scratch. I began to learn how to fix cell phones online. I passed the certificate, design the website for marketing, and doing taxes. At first, it was challenging, but by investing time effort now, I can put much time into studying.

Do you consider yourself a non-traditional applicant? (1000 max characters with space)
Describe the factors that have defined you as a non-traditional candidate and how they impact your application

I believe immigration process and switching from mechanical engineer is the factors that lead me to be a non-traditional student. In fact, I put my previous education in engineering and let my desire to be dentist drive my life. It tooks a lot of stress, tight schedule of working and studying
For three years, I immersed myself in the dental field whenever I had availability in-between jobs and post-baccalaureate classes. I volunteered as a shadower to a dental clinic. This experiences not only helped to confirm my commitment to dentistry, but it also gave me valuable insight into the work ahead.
Even though my career trajectory before dental school appears unrelated to dentistry, every position that I held, regardless of the industry, contributed in some way to the person I am today. As an engineer and manufacture associate I learned early on the importance of meeting deadlines, being detail-oriented, and how to work some long hours. Working as a tutor showed me the importance of clear communication skills as well as cooperative and multidisciplinary teamwork. These skills as well as many others are the building blocks for success in dentistry school and beyond.
After working in a number of different industries and volunteering in the dental field, I was finally able to compile what I needed for my future career: I wanted to work with underserved populations, to contribute to a body of knowledge through research, and be a part of an innovative field that is constantly evolving. dentistry, for me, continues to check off all of these boxes and although the journey has been indirect, it has been the most rewarding.

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