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An abstract is a summary (word paragraph of about 150-250 words) of a longer piece of work, such as research work or dissertation, either published or unpublished which provides the reader with an overview of your research and its organization.

The purpose of an abstract is to help your reader understand key points in your paper, prepares the reader for the analyses in your paper, helps the reader to identify the most important points or keywords in your written arguments, and decides if it is worth reading.

When writing an abstract begin with the introduction which occupies 25% of the paper, it contains the reasons and relevancy of the research (identifies the problem), another 25% of the space indicates the methods used to carry out the research (indicate how many participants took place in the research), the results found occupies 35% of the paper (the basic findings) and lastly, the implications of the research occupy 15% of the paper (conclusion).

Your abstract should avoid lengthy background information, citations or references, procedures for laboratory testing, software used or statistical methods, avoid acronyms or undefined abbreviations, avoid interpretations of the results that are not in the context.

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