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Topic: Choose a topic and talk about it

Assessment Two guidelines and checklist

Guidelines for CWK 2 – Report

You should write a report that should be 2,500 words (+10%, -10%)

Report Checklist and Guide

  1. Select one topic from the list below that you have not explored for your policy brief.

Child Poverty and its impact on educational attainment (You can  choose to focus on  one  area such as the Pupil Premium.

Closing the attainment gap in the early Years. You may wish to focus on one area such as strengthening the capacity of parents to support their children or nurseries.

Closing the attainment gap in the early years – Case Study of Sure Start

Raising Educational Standards – A case study of Academies or the London Challenge

Looked After Children

Mental Health and Well-being

Child Protection: A multi-agency approach

  1. Go to the VLE for the topic that you plan to choose. Complete the Investigate Section.  Revisit the lecture slides, listen to the lecture and complete the consolidate activities. This will enable you to develop a in depth understanding of the topic.  You should base your report on the materials we have reviewed in the module.
  1. Begin planning your report

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Essay
Subject: Education
Pages/words: 5/2500
Academic level: undergraduate
Paper format : MLA
Line spacing: Single
Language Style: UK English

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