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For hospitalized patients in the intensive care unit (P), does the use of central line bundle (I), compared without the use of central line bundle standards (C), reduces the incidence of central line-associated bloodstream infection (O) within 4 weeks of intensive care unit stay (T)?

The focus this week is to research the internal evidence that supports the intervention formulated in the Week 1 PICOT question. The internal evidence may include clinical practice guidelines (CPGs), best practices from professional and federal organizations, quality improvement projects, clinical expertise, practice data, etc. that are intended to optimize patient care, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

Locate a specific practice guideline or best practice that supports the intervention formulated in the Week 1 PICOT question and post the link to the practice guideline.

Summarize why the selected practice guideline supports the chosen intervention.

Use the Record/Upload Media icon in the HTLM editor for the Initial Post.

The Initial Post will require only the link to the selected practice guideline as a reference. No other references needed for the Initial Post.

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