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The Final Integrative Capstone Literature Review:

1. Title Page: Includes elements identified in EOP Manual.
2. University Publication License/Copyright: Includes elements identified in EOP Manual.
3. Abstract: The abstract is limited to 200 words, and highlights the purpose, method (literature sampling strategy), major finding(s) from analyses, and conclusion.
4. Table of Contents: Includes elements identified in EOP Manual.
5. Introduction: Identifies the student’s specific literature review topic, explicitly articulating a unifying, overarching theme that will guide the project
6. Literature Review: Summarizes the general state of the literature (cumulative knowledge base) on the specific research question by synthesizing themes, methods, results, and/or theoretical framework used in current literature. Each theme should end with a short conclusion and transition to the next section.
7. Discussion: Synthesis of critical analysis of the literature (Reiterate common themes – what can you learn from what others have studied by looking at the whole picture?) Identifies new knowledge gained through integration of literature findings (What new knowledge have you or do you anticipate being able to generate based on your review? How can this information add to our understanding of the overall topic?
8. References: Includes a complete reference list, formatted to APA standards. References are from scholarly sources and current (within the last ten years). Please see attached PDF for references, only use the references in the PDF Latest revision comment

[May 25, 2021 07:03] Please, work in the file ‘to revise’; amend LR, ensure criticality, compare contrast views of different authors, note areas of agreement/disagreement, and draw your own conclusions from the reviewed material; and proceed with the paper

Type Of Service: Dissertation services
Type Of assignment: Thesis
Subject: Psychology
Pages/words: 30/8250
Number of sources: 24
Academic Level: Graduate
Paper Format: APA
Line Spacing: Double

Language style: US English

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