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Assessment Task 3 – Case Study (50%)
Assessment Task 3 Case study
Marking Criteria
Utilisation of appropriate assessment frameworks to identify the
pathophysiology of the condition in the case study.
Application of evidence to explain the actions the registered nurse /
registered midwife take to implement and evaluate two (2)
interventions to care for the patient in the case study.
Critical appraisal of evidence supporting nursing / midwifery practice
applicable to the patient in the case study.
Application of the ICN or ICM codes of ethics to the actions of the
registered nurse / registered midwife in patient discharge.
Encouragement of access to, and participation in healthcare using the
Social Justice Framework to underpin the actions of the registered
nurse / registered midwife in patient discharge.
Academic writing evidences academic integrity in the application of
the APA7 referencing style.
Length: 1800 words
Estimated time to
complete task:
25 hours
Weighting: 50 %
The case study assignment is an Individual Assessment Item. You may
work collaboratively with other students to understand concepts in this
course, but your answers must be your individual research,
interpretation and application of the materials.
How will I be
5-point grading scale using a rubric
Due date: Friday 11:59pm, Week 11, 2021.
Safe Assign in NUR241 Blackboard
This assessment task must:
• Times New Roman Size 12 Justified 1.5 line spacing
• Use APA7 referencing for citing academic literature
• be submitted in electronic format as a word.doc document via
• Please use a heading to indicate which case study you are
providing a response to.
• Do not copy the actual questions into your assignment
NUR241 Health Alterations Task 3 Booklet 2021
• No Introduction or Conclusion is required as this is not an
Task goal: The goal of this case study is for you to identify the role of the
registered nurse / registered midwife in evidence-based
assessment and care of individuals experiencing health alterations
when access to healthcare is suboptimal or compromised. You
also articulate the role of the nurse in encouraging access to, and
participation in healthcare.
Task description: Present a response to a clinical scenario demonstrating appropriate
assessment, management and discharge of an individual experiencing
health alterations.
What you need to
In this task you will conduct a case study. There are three clinical
scenarios, you will study only one. Please follow the steps below:
Step 1: Identify your allocated clinical scenario
• Students in Group A (starting in February, 2021) will select
Clinical scenario 1.
• Students in Group B (starting March, 2021) will select Clinical
Scenario 2.
• Midwifery students will select Clinical scenario 3.
Step 2: Secondary assessment of the patient
Detail the secondary assessment and investigations appropriate for this
patient (400 words).
Step 3: Explain the pathophysiology of the health alteration
Explain the pathophysiology that explains the patient assessment
findings and underpins the interventions (300 words).
Step 4. Implementation and evaluation
Select, justify and describe two (2) essential interventions and describe
the nursing / midwifery actions required to implement and evaluate it
(800 words).
Step 5. Plan the patient discharge
Select and describe nursing / midwifery actions to prepare the patient
for discharge utilising the social justice framework to address the
social determinants of health (SDH) that impede the access to, and
participation in healthcare (300 words).

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Language style: AU English

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