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Topic: Case study ( planning theory )

Students are required to conduct their own research into a case study, applying the lens of one or more theoretical perspectives covered in the unit.

This assessment involves the production of a substantial term paper with two components submitted in stages. You are required to first submit a Case Study Proposal (of acceptable quality) that will then allow you to work on and submit Case Study Report, i.e. the final term paper.

Case studies may be selected from the list below. If students have their own idea for a case study they should discuss with their tutor.

• The Draft Medium Design Guidelines
• North Parkeville Townsite
• Claisebrook Cove/East Perth Redevelopment
• Westport Taskforce
• Development Assessment Panels
• Metronet
• Kaart Koort Waarnginy Aboriginal Engagement Framework/ Gnarla Biddi Aboriginal Engagement Strategy
• Ocean Reef Marina
• COVID-19 Planning Reforms
• City of Nedlands Planning Scheme #3
• State Infrastructure Strategy
• State Planning Policy 7.2: Precinct Design
• Roe 8 Rehabilitation Plan

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