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Case study
Mental Health Nursing Students
Vicky, 30, is Dot’s daughter and mother to Kara and Kwamie. She is a smoker and drinks occasionally on a weekend. Vicky is also pregnant with her third child and due imminently. Vicky’s brother lives 3 hours away and doesn’t visit regularly, leaving her and Chris to care for Dot. Vicky has previously been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and has engaged self-harm behaviours which she says help her cope. Vicky has not worked for over 3 years due to her anxiety & depression.

Other Family Members you may wish to consider
Chris, 46, is Vicky’s partner. He has recently moved into the family home. He is the father of Vicky’s unborn child and ‘step-parent’ to both Kara & Kwamie. He works in a local supermarket and his shifts vary. He has a second job at restaurant, where the hours are unsocial, but without this, family could not afford to buy food and pay their bills.
Kara is 8 years old. Kara likes school, especially reading, and her favourite thing is when they do the school plays. She would like to be able to go to her friends’ houses after school, but she knows that it helps her Mum and Chris if she spends time with her Nan instead. Recently, the boys in her class laughed at her because she had forgotten her gym kit. Since then, Kara has started wetting the bed at night which she knows makes her Mum cross. Kara really wants to join the brownies but doesn’t think she will be able to

Using the case study, you have been given, write a 2000-word assignment that includes the following:

  1. An assessment of the persons needs
  2. A written justification of the legal ethical and regulatory considerations underpinning their assessment of needs.
  3. A care plan that demonstrates an appropriate response and escalation.

Must meet these learning outcome

LO1: Recognise, assess and respond to the needs of people at risk of harm in order to safeguard those who are vulnerable.
LO2: Identify and apply relevant legal, regulatory and governance requirements, policies and ethical frameworks, including any mandatory reporting duties to all areas of practice.
LO3: Discuss factors that impact on person-centred nursing assessments, where an individual need for privacy, dignity, comfort or sleep may be compromised and identify positive actions to reduce this happening.
LO4: Recognise the need for shared decision-making regarding care and interventions; based on capacity, the individuals needs and preferences, acknowledging and addressing factors that may unduly influence decisions.
LO5: Demonstrate non-discriminatory, sensitive, person-centred care planning that is reflective of diversity and takes account of the need for any adjustments.
LO6: Discuss the practical adaptations, nursing procedures and commonly encountered devices that can be used across the lifespan in order to maintain optimal independence and prevent disruption to individual lives.

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