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Task description:

1. For this essay you are required to select ONE (1) case option:
• Option 1: adolescent case or
• Option 2: adult case.
Outlines for case options are available on the Blackboard site under
Assessment 2 tab.
Carefully review your chosen case and apply your knowledge of
evidence-based nursing practice to plan person-centred care.
Using the clinical reasoning cycle as a framework, you are required to
assess, plan and evaluate your care for the chosen case during the
episode of care.

  1. From the chosen case identify and discuss TWO (2) current
    problems which are directly impacting on the patients’ health.
  2. For each current problem, identify and discuss TWO (2)
    interventions (collaborative or independent).
    Note: One (1) intervention in the essay must be entirely nursing
    led and initiated. When discussing collaborative interventions,
    you must focus on the role of the nurse in that intervention.
  3. Discuss how you would evaluate the effectiveness for each
  4. Support and justify the essay using peer reviewed, current and
    relevant evidence from valid reference sources.
    What you need to do: The 1800 word essay should include the points below:
    Introduction (approximately 100 words):
    • Give an overview of the chosen case’s condition and identify
    your TWO (2) current problems.
    Body (approximately 800 words for each problem):
    • Establish how the assessment data led you to identify your TWO
    (2) current problems. In doing so you must demonstrate your
    understanding of the relevant pathophysiology that explains the
    link between each chosen problem and the case’s relevant
    assessment data. Support /justify the current problems using
    peer reviewed, current and relevant evidence (a minimum of 4
    valid, contemporary references from 2014 onwards for each
    current problem).
    • For each problem identify TWO (2) interventions aimed at
    resolving the problem.
    • Justify the interventions you will implement (explain what is
    involved in implementing the intervention, why it is suitable, any
    special considerations relevant to the case or situation) and
    support /justify using peer reviewed, current and relevant
    evidence (a minimum of 4 valid, contemporary references from
    2014 onwards for each intervention).
    NSB 231 Integrated Nursing Practice 2 – ON Campus
    NSB231 – Assessment Task 2 Page 3 of 10
    • Outline the expected evaluation criteria/data and discuss how
    you would determine that each intervention is improving or
    resolving the identified problem. Support /justify using peer
    reviewed, current and relevant evidence (valid, contemporary
    references from 2014 onwards).
    Conclusion (approximately 100 words):
    • Briefly restate the overall case and how your interventions
    can improve the patient’s current problems and benefit health

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Type of assignment: Case study
Subject: Nursing
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Academic level: Sophomore (college 2nd year)
Paper format: APA
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