1. Your job
    ▪ Up to 7-page case analysis report (text only)
    ▪ Based on your analyses, what are your answers of the assigned questions of Dell?
    ▪ Must directly answer the assigned questions.
    ▪ Must use only course materials (e.g. lecture notes, readings, and cases).
    ▪ The use of any outside analysis or unreferenced sources will be severely
  2. Assignment Questions and preparation guides
    Q1) Is the personal computer industry profitable? If so (or if not), how and why?
    • Conduct the 5 forces analysis to assess the profitability of the industry.
    • Corresponding theories and materials: Chapter 2, Week 3 slides
    Q2) Why has Dell been so successful in the PC industry?
    • Identify the key sources of Dell’s competitive advantage by analyzing a value chain
    analysis proposed by M. Porter.
    • What primary and/or supplementary activities and choices in a value chain diagram
    enable the firm to create more value than most rivals? How? Conduct a value chain
    analysis to support your argument.
    MGMT 449 instructor: Olivia (Jung) Lee, PhD
    • Corresponding theories and materials: Chapter 1 & 3, Week 2 & 6 slides/lecture video
    Q3) Prior to the efforts by competitors to match Dell (1997-1998), how big was Dell’s
    competitive advantage? Specifically, compare Dell’s competitive advantage over Compaq.
    • Identify Dell and Compaq’s business-level strategies (overall or focused cost leadership
    or differentiation) and explain why.
    • To support your identification on each company’s business-level strategy, include a
    comparative analysis by using the value creation framework (Dell vs. Compaq). This
    value creation analysis requires you to conduct a thorough cost analysis (quantitative
    analysis) about the willingness of pay, price, and costs of each company.
    • Does Dell’s have a competitive advantage over Compaq?
    • Hint: To conduct this analysis, rigorously use the financial information of the exhibits of
    the case as well as the case text.
    • Corresponding theories and materials: Chapter 5, Value creation framework (Week 6),
    Week 6 & 8 slides/lecture videos
    Q4) Does Dell’s business-level strategy that you identified in Q3 take advantage of the
    opportunities and neutralize/reduce threats identified in the industry analysis of Q1? If
    so, how?
    • Corresponding theories and materials: Chapter 2,3 & Chapter 5, Week 3, 6 & 8slides
    Q5) How effective have competitors (IBM, Compaq, HP, and Gateway) been in responding
    to the challenge posed by Dell’s advantage? How big is Dell’s remaining advantage?
    • Discuss how rivals reacted to Dell and evaluate how effective their reactions to catch
    Dell have been so far.
    • Evaluate Dell’s competitive position using the Resource-based view (RBV) framework
    (valuable, rare, inimitable, sustainable?); also, evaluate their ability to sustain.
    • Corresponding theories and materials: Chapter 2,3 & 5, Session 2,3,5, & 8 slides
    ▪ Although preparation guide for the final project is provided, your answers will be
    more likely to be strong and persuasive as you integrate more relevant knowledge and
    theoretical concepts that you’ve learned from this course. To provide strong and
    persuasive answers for this assignment, you must rigorously integrate theoretical
    concepts and apply analysis tools.

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