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How to approach the write-up of your case analysis
● Your case analysis needs to be structured as follows:

  • Step 1: Describe the situation that the protagonist from the David Press Case is faced with
    through the different moral lenses discussed. To do so, ask yourself: “What
    would a Kantian be asking to try and determine the right course of action?”;
    “What would an ethics of care perspective be prompting me to ask, to try and
    figure the way to proceed?” etc. (SEE FORMAT DOCUMENT IN ATTACHMENT)
    Remember that applying a moral lens at the “entry level” would be to stick to the
    basic descriptions of each moral lens as they feature in the Darden tech note. For at least two of
    the lenses, you need to go deeper by relying on the concepts and arguments from the book
    chapter with essays and the paper on feminist interpretations of the stakeholder concept.
    This step should leave you with a list of inter-related issues, under four
    subheadings: Utilitarianism (Consequences); Deontology (Principles); Virtue
    Ethics (Character); Ethics of Care (Relationships)
    Do your very best not to get caught up YET in the alternative courses for action;
    that only comes in Step 2, 3 & 4.
  • Step 2: Explicate the obvious alternative courses of action to the protagonist’s
    disposal. Evaluate these alternatives in terms of the issues described and the
    questions you formulated under each of the moral approaches in Step 1. No
    need to repeat in detail what you said in Step 1, simply refer back to specific
    points. Make clear where you see potential trade-offs involved in the “obvious”
    alternative courses of action.
  • Step 3: Explore how the existing alternatives can be improved to avoid severe
    trade-offs. (This is where you should activate your “what could we do” mode; and
    especially some of your considerations under the ethics of care lens could come
    in useful here.)
  • Step 4: Craft your recommendation for the protagonist. NB: Carefully note the
    characteristics of a strong recommendation in the video.
  • Step 5: Explicate where and how you think the protagonist will need to be
    prepared to “engage and iterate”.
    NOTE: You need no introduction in which you summarize the case facts. Dive
    directly into Step 1.

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