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A defendant is charged in a criminal case with various offenses. Part of the government’s evidence in the case consists of the results of a tracking device that was placed under the defendant’s car. FBI agents placed the device under the car when it was parked in the back of a restaurant while defendant was having dinner.

The tracking device allowed agents to learn where the car traveled. Evidence of the car’s location was incriminating, as it placed defendant’s car at the scene of several criminal acts alleged in the case. Though the car traveled on public roads, agents testified that they likely would not have been able to determine the location through traditional surveillance (following defendant) because defendant may have seen that he was being followed and not gone to the locations.

Defendant has moved to suppress evidence from the tracking device under the Fourth Amendment. The government concedes that it did not obtain a warrant for the tracking device.

Explain how the court would analyze defendant’s claim of a Fourth Amendment violation, using the cases of Katz, Miller, and Carpenter. Identify and apply from those cases both the rules of law and any rationale/reasoning of the Court.

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