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Best Practices in Critical Thinking and Decision Making Paper-
Prepare a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper examining how using critical thinking skills contribute to better quality decisions. Apply your critical thinking skills to your decision to return to school and pursue a graduate degree.
Discuss your decision-making process and what factors led you to the degree program that you ultimately selected. Explain how critical thinking contributed to the quality of your decision.

Your paper should follow APA formatting requirements, be written at a level commiserate with a post-baccalaureate program, and include a reference page with at least four references (these can include references used in your APA Research and Bibliography Activity completed in Week Five).
Please post this assignment as a MS Word Attachment in the Assignments
Section, and label it ?Your name-Critical Thinking and Decision Making Paper

The factors that led me back to school was the fact the economy-elaborate, wanted a higher level of education , want to impact the community by being a school psychologist. etc. what led me to psychology was my desire to learn people and their behaviors etc elaborate.

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