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Professional Careers Conference Reflection
Activity 3(a and b) Journal submission link

  1. Assiduous the Professional Career Conference was a great experience as it made me feel stimulated about my future career opportunities. It countenance me to build up my confidence and build up my self-confidence. It also made me feel less scared to interact with new people to share my opinion with others. In the second half of the meeting to discuss things one of the presenters was talking about how to relax and de-stress your brain. this made me feel relieved. furthermore, I had a good chance to learn the working process of each field

2. learn to keep an open mind when chasing after work as your precedence or that surround someone will change. I also learned how to prepare for my future career in the new occasion . I learned to put more effort into how I present myself in interviews and to learn to speak confidently and clearly. During the second part of the conference, one of the presenters was talking about the interview process. I learnt how to answer the hardest question asked in interviews. she also talked about implicit Interviews and how it is becoming more common.

3. The professional conference reminds me f the week’s employability reading and was deeply related to week 12 readings too. This article includes 500 successful people with their opinions about what could and just like in the conference 5 executive speakers had their trip and should be done about a situation. Purposefully , taking the honest understanding of deep things of my employability helped me to find my weakness and needed things.

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