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Answering the following questions might assist the group in making a choice about which
measurement topic to present for this assessment task:
• Is data available for the majority of group members?
• Is normative data available to facilitate contextualisation of the results?
• What are the sources of biological and/or technical error for the measurement technique?
School of Science & Health
400880 – Fundamentals of Exercise Science
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• Are the magnitudes of these biological / technical error sources available in the literature?
• Which data is most appropriate for effective presentation?
• Is reproducibility data important and / or available?
• Which data is most interesting collectively to the group?
You are encouraged to be creative in delivering your presentation, however the following
components must be addressed:

  1. Brief Introduction to the Measurement Topic
    a. Why are these measurements important?
    b. Why did the group select this particular measurement topic?
  2. Methodology
    a. Outline the precise methodological procedures designed and administered by the
    b. Why did you choose this (these) methods?
  3. Presentation of the Group Data
    a. Appropriate graph/table format
    b. Formatted appropriately
  4. Contextualisation
    a. Appropriate population norms provided
    b. Interpretation of data
  5. Evaluation
    a. Sources of error identified
    b. Consideration of validity/reliability of measure/technique
    c. Methodological issues
    d. ‘Best practice’ recommendations
  6. References
    a. A full list of resources cited in the presentation
    Group oral presentations are scheduled within your class in week 13. Each group will be allocated
    an appointment, and therefore will present only to their tutor. A laptop and projector with Microsoft
    Powerpoint software will be provided with a USB connection. Upon arrival for your presentation
    you should hand-in a paper copy of your slides (6 slides per page) and a list of the references used
    in the presentation (APA style, further details below). The presentation is limited to 15 minutes,
    and each group member should contribute between 2-4 mins. Each presentation will be
    terminated at 15 min precisely to ensure equality between groups. Any materials not presented
    during this allocation are ineligible for assessment. It is highly recommended that groups rehearse
    their presentation a number of times to ensure that the time-limit is not exceeded. However, it is
    also recommended that groups use as much of their allocated 15-mins as possible. Where groups
    have not used their time-allocation and have not demonstrated achievement of the learning
    outcomes intended in this assessment, the tutor may ask questions to assist the group in this

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